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15 Best Photography Forums & Communities in 2023

Determining the best photography forums and communities in 2023 can definitely be a challenge with the myriad of options out there.

Whether you dabble in different photography styles or specialize in one area, there are tons of supportive resources available.

In this guide, I’ll share the best photography forums and communities for beginners and pros alike.

15 Top Digital Photography Forums & Communities in 2023

1. DP Review

Boasting a classic navigation with tabs at the top, DP Review is easily one of the most user-friendly photography forums I’ve come across.

By simply hovering over the Forums tab, you’ll see a vast array of different topics to choose from.

And if you look to the right, you’ll see categories of different photography styles.

Once you find your forum, you’ll see that it’s nicely broken up by discussions, questions, reviews, photos, and more, as shown in the screenshot above.

So whether you want tips for landscape and travel photography or to see user reviews of the Canon EOS M Talk, this is the ideal online community.

2. The Photo Forum

Photo forum wordpress theme.

Based on the name alone, you already know The Photo Forum is one of the best photography forums and communities.

With an easy-to-use layout and topics that cover everything from photo equipment to lighting and lenses, this forum is another amazing resource for those seeking photography advice.

Here, you not only get helpful tips for solving problems or purchasing gear, but you’ll also see sections for photography foundations, photo contests, and even group assignments designed to help you hone your skills.

3. Talk Photography

A screen shot of the takephotography website.

Talk Photography is another one of the best photography forums around.

An easy-to-use layout combined with detailed discussion forums on everything from digital photography tips to the best photography equipment to use for amateur photographers and professionals alike makes this forum the perfect place to sharpen your photography skills.

And all the type-A folks like myself will appreciate the super clean organization and lack of clutter throughout the site!

4. Fred Miranda Forum

A screen shot of the superstar forum.

If you’re seeking the premier photography forum, look no further than the Fred Miranda forum.

This Brazilian professional photographer has a degree in Film Direction and has built an impressive portfolio with big brands such as United Nations and Coca-Cola, so it’s no surprise the digital photography forum on his website is full of helpful nuggets related to sports photography, photography gear, and constructive criticism.

5. Photography on the net

A screen shot of a web page showing a list of items.

Photography on the net is another one of the best photography forums in 2023.

Broken up by buckets such as photography news, photography tutorials, and gear for digital cameras, it’s undoubtedly a go to place for both technical discussions related to technique, as well as for camera equipment.

And if you’re not already registered, the home page has a playful message that will convince you to join this amazing photo community!

6. Light Stalking

A screen shot of the lightstalking website.

Another great forum for community photography is definitely Light Stalking.

A digital photography blog run by passionate experts such as professional photographer, Rob Wood and his team of writers, Light Stalking has a forum full of fellow photographers discussing the best camera lighting for different scenarios and their favorite editing tools.


A website with a lot of pictures of dogs and cats. is another one of the greatest photography forums out there that’s been around since 1993.

Categorized by general discussion boards for different photo genres, photo critiques, and gear, this is the all-in-one place where beginners and pros can enhance their photography knowledge.

And with a “Where Photographers Inspire Each Other” tagline, you can count on respectful communication and valuable critiques.

8. Digital Grin Photography Forum

A screen shot of the website for the slg photography form.

Digital Grin Photography Forum is another one of the best photography forums online.

Full of treasures related to darkrooms and every kind of photography from street and weddings to portrait and landscape, this photography forum is one of the easiest to navigate and learn from.

9. Australian Photography

A screenshot of the australian photography website.

Another one of the top photography forums is the Australian Photography forum.

Covering everything from competitions and gear to general photography help and advice, Australian Photography easily offers one of the best photography forums for seasoned pros and amateurs alike.

They also have active discussion boards on site sponsors and advertising and a section for constructive criticism of both photos and videos.

10. ClubSNAP Photography Community

Clubsap wordpress theme - free download.

ClubSNAP not only has one of the most colorful photography forums ever, but it also has one of the most extensive list of discussion boards I’ve ever seen.

Boasting the typical genres you’d expect from any photography forum, like landscape and travel and gear discussions, ClubSNAP also has an alternative photography section dedicated to aerial, pinhole, and mobile phone photography.

11. World Photography Forum

A screen shot of a website with an image of a man and a woman.

World Photography Forum is another one of the top photography forums in today’s world.

While it mainly focuses on different cameras for digital photography vs. genres and techniques, it’s an excellent resource for beginner photographers looking to learn more about gear and photography in general.

12. Photrio

A screen shot of the photopro website.

Phototrio is another one of the leading digital photography forums online today.

Mainly discussing camera equipment and printing processes, this is a wonderful resource for mid-level and expert photographers since it digs deeper into details than other beginner-friendly forums.

13. ePHOTOzine

A screen shot of the ephotozine website.

ePHOTOzine is another one of the best online communities for photographers of any kind.

Whether you want to peruse the latest digital camera lens reviews, share photos, or read up on the best image editing software, ePHOTOzine is your treasure trove.

14. Chat Photography

Chat photography - chat photography - chat photography - chat photography - chat photography - chat photography - chat photography - chat photography.

Chat Photography is arguably one of the best photography forums on earth.

With a far less cluttered discussion page than I’m used to, it’s great for beginners who feel overwhelmed with the breadth of topics explored in other communities.

Featuring just a handful of topics related to some of the bigger issues and areas of interest like camera and lens reviews and gear suggestions, Chat Photography is the simplified choice I’d pick for quick problem-solving.

15. GetDPI Photography Forum

A screen shot of the gsi photography website.

The GetDPI Photography Forum is a vast sea of photography wisdom.

While some users may dislike the lack of organized categories, you can easily search among existing posts to find exactly what you need, whether you’re working with drones, Canons, Nikons, and more.

Digital Camera Forums

All photographers could benefit from the educational element of online forums, especially when working with specific camera models, so let’s dive into some of the best digital camera forums below.

DP Review’s Photo Equipment Section

Canon eos 5d mark ii review - canon eos 5d mark ii review.

While I already listed DP Review as a top forum for a variety of reasons, it’s a highly valuable tool for digital camera knowledge.

With sections for an array of Canon, Nikon, Kodak cameras, and more, DP Review is your one-stop-shop for different models and techniques that work best with each.

DP Review also has a wealth of knowledge on how firmware updates have affected specific models as well as general discussions related to troubleshooting.

And the screenshot above only shows a mere fraction of the different cameras discussed on DP Review!

Talk Photography’s Talk Beginners Section

A screen shot of the talk photography page.

Okay, there’s a reason this second option is another repeat: it’s just that good.

With sections specific to studio lighting, different kinds of photography, equipment, and more, Talk Photography is a superb asset for photographers of any skill level.

And for newbies, Talk Beginners is your best friend!

The common abbreviations thread was insanely helpful to me when I first got my digital camera, so I know firsthand how beneficial it could be to others.

Digital Grin Photography Forum’s Camera Section

A screen shot of the digital photography forum.

The Camera section of Digital Grin Photography Forum cannot be underestimated.

Here, you can find everything you need related to camera firmware updates, purchasing information, and lens reviews for digital cameras.

Best Niche Photography Forums Online

Although many of the forums I listed above have areas dedicated to niche or alternative photography, let’s look at which ones are best for some of the more common niche photography styles.


DP Review is undoubtedly one of the best niche photography forums for astrophotography. Built for and operated by photography enthusiasts, DP Review has an extensive list of forum options ranging from camera-specific discussions to every kind of photography you can imagine, including astrophotography.

Film photography

Is anyone surprised that Reddit makes the cut? Reddit is praised for being one of the most secure platforms in existence. Bringing the best parts of traditional online forums and social networking together in harmony, Reddit is rich with niche photography forums, including a remarkable one specific to film talk.

Wildlife photography

PhotographyTalk is another excellent forum and community for aspiring and expert-level photographers alike. And don’t just take my word for it — a quick glance at the About Us section will prove why it’s a great wildlife photography resource, backed by supportive quotes from legendary National Geographic photographers like Joe McNally among others.

Macro Photography

Photomacography is a must-follow forum for macro photography. Thoughtfully broken up by guidelines, hosting procedures, techniques for digital cameras, and more, this forum offers an intuitive experience for both new and seasoned users.

Pinhole Photography

Photrio has multiple active discussions on pinhole photography for photographers who favor cameras with a tiny aperture vs. a lens.

Tips for Making the Most of Photography Forums

  • Fine-tune your profile: A profile is a great way to give your community a quick summary of who you are and what your interests are at a glance. All too often, people quickly create a username without ever adding a photo or completing their profiles, which is an enormous mistake if you’re hoping to connect with others!
  • Get familiar with the forum: Every forum is different. While many are built on mutual respect and helpful criticism, you’ll want to make sure you’re well-versed on specific rules and regulations related to interacting, posting, and how things are moderated.
  • Join meetings: Whether you’re setting up a meeting locally or connecting with others around the globe on Zoom, talking with others face to face in person or online will serve you well. This can help you continue growing your network and building both your skills and your confidence.
  • Ask specific questions: As opposed to just asking for some starter tips, be specific in what you’re looking for. For example, which aperture is best for portrait photography? Or what’s the best shutter speed for wildlife photography?
  • Keep practicing: Whether it’s an instrument or a hobby, practice makes perfect. Regular practice not only makes you more comfortable with a new device such as a camera, but it gets you familiar with its settings. You also want to practice during different times of day to see what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO work best where and when.
  • Share work early: Instead of waiting to share the perfect shot (there’s no such thing), share your images as soon as you join a forum to get the most out of it! This will allow you to get pointers and feedback right away so you can gradually become better with each day.
  • Don’t overshare: There’s a kind of high associated with sharing your work, especially if you receive rave reviews! However, you want to respect that this is a shared space and make sure to give others an opportunity to share and gain insights as well, so don’t flood forums with tons of stuff in one day.
  • Receive feedback with an open mind: It’s natural to get a little defensive when you share images to a beginner’s corner and they get critiqued. However, remember that online photography forums are meant to make you a better photographer. Almost every forum you encounter has rules and best practices for respectful and ethical operation, so report any feedback that violates the basic rules.
  • Provide valuable feedback: Similar to above, you want to give feedback that’s equally respectful and insightful. Try to approach things in a friendly way. For example, saying you’ve been in a similar situation and tried XYZ to fix it is helpful. If someone is hoping to make their subject less blurry, tell them to choose a shorter focal length. Give helpful, direct tips without commenting in a negative way.

Photo Forum FAQs

What’s the benefit of photography forums?

Photography forums offer a plethora of benefits, including problem-solving, inspiration, networking, and more.

Forums make it easy to connect with fellow photographers, get equipment recommendations, and receive constructive criticism all in one place.

Is networking successful on photography forums?

Yes! Not only do you get a chance to connect with some of your favorite photographers, but you also get a chance to get inspired and even collaborate.

Forums are also a great source of support when you’re looking to build relationships, strengthen community, and create an online presence while also promoting your work.

What’s the best photography forum for beginners?

No surprise here: Talk Photography is my first recommendation for beginners. The Talk Beginners section is remarkably helpful with everything from everyday abbreviations to lighting techniques and the best cameras for different styles.

There are also several forums dedicated to specific genres and camera models, such as Luminous Landscape and The Fuji X Forum, in case you don’t feel like sifting through other sections.

What’s the best photography forum for professional photographers?

For professional photographers, I would consider Adobe Behance a top choice, especially if you’re well-versed in other Adobe products. This platform allows you to easily connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate, and share works in progress.

What is the best film photography forum?

There are several solid film forums, but I’d have to repeat some of my answers above with DP Review and Talk Photography having exceptional content and tips related to film photos.

In addition to forums, where else can I build community with fellow photographers?

While forums are crucial to building community and troubleshooting, there are other spaces where you can continue learning and growing. Some of my favorite spaces are Strobist, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

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