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7 Groundbreaking Features of Adobe Express Mobile App

Today we’re going to explore how you can unlock your creativity everywhere you go with the groundbreaking features of the Adobe Express mobile app.

The new version of the Adobe Express mobile app features mixed media capabilities and generative AI that help you create visually engaging content for your presentations, social media channels, and even your resume.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student prepping your final presentation, a web designer creating a banner, or a content creator making promotional reels – the Adobe Express mobile app can help.

In this article, you’ll find a brief explanation of what the Adobe Express mobile app can do and how it can make your life easier. So, check it out!

Groundbreaking Features of Adobe Express Mobile App


Adobe Express is a web app that runs on your web browser. It allows you to easily create media content from social media posts to designing offline media – for example, flyers.

Adobe has released the mobile app version that is available for iOS and Android. The Beta version includes Generative AI, video editing, and other groundbreaking features.

Android users can find the Adobe Express mobile app on the Google Play Store. All the premium features will be available for free during the beta period.

While this version is available on most devices, not all are covered. If your device isn’t, Adobe will notify you that they’re working to bring the latest features to you.

iPhone users must request to be beta testers due to Apple Store restrictions, and Adobe will guide selected participants through the process.

Please note that Adobe Express is not available in mainland China.

Now, let’s look at the features.

1. Project Syncing

The Adobe Express mobile app automatically syncs projects with Adobe Express web, allowing you to seamlessly continue your work across devices without losing any progress or needing to save multiple versions.

Additionally, you can access and modify assets from Photoshop or Illustrator using the Adobe Express app. Elements can be synced across any of the Creative Cloud apps, ensuring your Adobe Express designs update in real-time as you edit.

2. Quick Actions

Forget about time-consuming edits. Adobe Express lets you perform some of the most popular complex tasks with a single click.

One of the most popular is, of course, removing the background. You can now cut out your product and place it in a new environment, which can be from the millions of stock photos or newly generated with AI.

You can also resize images to automatically create different files of the same design to be shared on all your social media platforms in the correct size and format.

3. Generative AI 

Thanks to Adobe Firefly, you can create new images by typing a prompt into the app. It supports over 100 languages, so creators from all over the world can use Adobe Express in their native language.

Text-to-image is a revolutionary technology that enables marketers and entrepreneurs to generate visual content quickly and easily so they can keep up with the fast-paced world of social media.

Free yourself of budget constraints. Type the most visually appealing ideas that come to mind and watch them appear in seconds.

Alternatively, enhance your content by adding or removing objects or people simply by typing prompts.

Adobe Firefly generative AI is safe for commercial use.

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4. Text Effects

Another creative use of the Generative AI from Firefly is the Text Effects available in Adobe Express.

To use it, simply add text to your design and make sure it’s selected. Then, select Text Effects and write a prompt that describes what you’re looking for.

Your prompt can include objects, textures, and colors – be as specific as you can. You can also choose one of the Sample effects.

Continue to customize the effect with the available choices, such as style, font, etc.

Once you’re ready, tap on Generate and choose the variation you like best.

5. Video Editing

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms previously dominated by photographs shifted towards video, adding features like Stories and Reels.

It’s clear that any content creator needs the proper tools to create, edit, and share engaging videos. The Adobe Express mobile app is becoming that tool.

You can start fresh by uploading your videos or using any of the stock videos and video-based templates available in the app. Then, you can easily edit, generate real-time captions in over 100 languages, add animations, and much more.

6. Brand Kits

If you’re a solopreneur or a content creator for different clients, you know how important it is to build a brand identity and make your content recognizable.

That’s why the Adobe Express mobile app allows you to upload and integrate all your brand assets, whether they’re fonts, colors, or logos, into your designs.

You can also create and share locked templates with branded content. This way, other collaborators can edit the templates while keeping the brand’s logo or text intact.

7. Real-Time Collaboration

Last but not least, Adobe Express allows you to collaborate and edit the same design simultaneously with your colleagues.

It’s also possible to add comments so that other collaborators or the client can leave feedback, suggest changes, or give the OK to the project. This will save you time and endless email chains, reducing miscommunications and making workflows more efficient.

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