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AfterShoot Edits 2.0 Lets You Wrap Up Major Photo Projects In One Day

The AI Culling and Editing app Aftershoot has been working on the ambitious goal of letting photographers fully edit even thousands of photos in just a day.

Aftershoot’s newest update, Edits 2.0, tries to improve this dramatically, letting even the most saturated professional photographers cut their workflows down by potentially hundreds of hours with powerfully upgraded and refined AI tools.

Thus, if you’re a wedding photographer right in the middle of wedding season and saturated with deadlines and editing workloads, Aftershoot Edits 2.0 could help you edit much better, more reliably and faster than ever before.

Aftershoot’s upgraded AI Editing Experience promises to let even someone burdened by a ton of work still edit and prep thousands of images, professionally, consistently, and possibly in just one day.

Could Edits 2.0 be the salvation of pro photographers overwhelmed with photo assignments? Let’s take a closer look.


To pull off what it promises, Aftershoot offers key features in its software platform for making photo editing and culling workflows profoundly simpler.

To start off a major photo editing workflow, users can begin with Culling within the platform to simply get rid of unwanted, badly taken, blurry and other photos in minutes.

This feature is an ideal starting point for eliminating unwanted photos because it can analyze and select winning shots and separate them from duplicates, blurry photos, photos with closed eyes and so forth.

Once Culling has done a nice big part of just getting rid of bad images, Edits 2.0, the upgrade to Aftershoot Edits, comes into the picture.

Aftershoot promises that this major upgrade to its platform delivers “unmatched consistency in every edit” and lets you export effortlessly when you’re done.

With Edits 2.0 photographers can open up a whole host of tools for refining and editing their photos automatically.

Here’s a breakdown of the key improvements and wholly new features that Edits 2.0 brings to Aftershoot:


Aside from adding in the entirely new AI tools that we’re going to cover in a moment, Edits 2.0 comes with some improvements to the existing features that were available in the original Aftershoot Edits.

White Balance:

With White balance improvements in Edits 2.0, you can obtain consistent edits even if your lighting conditions are a varied mix of bright outdoors, low-lit shadows, indoor settings and everything in between during a shoot. The new White Balance AI Model can now handle it all without a problem and keeps accuracy to a maximum while preserving your own shooting style.


Want to instantly fix blown highlights or murky corners in your photo load? The upgraded Exposure model in Edits 2.0 does this effortlessly and even works on back-lit shots or tough photos, consistently and smoothly.

Wholly New Features

Now for the really interesting stuff that’s available with Edits 2.0, some new tools that came with it. Here’s a breakdown.

AI Masking:

Advertisement for Aftershoot Edits 2.0 showcasing AI Masking feature with a photo of a woman on a beach. The AI Masking toggle switch is shown in the image, demonstrating the function.

Edits 2.0 lets you make your subjects absolutely pop out of the frame in no time and without the hassle of manually toying with Masking.  It will let you apply Masks easily to your subjects so that you can edit them individually the way you’d like to.

There are two types of AI Masking you can choose from –

  1. Subject Masking Only: This applies a mask over your subject and edits the entire image including the subject.
  2. Subject Masking with Edits: This applies a mask over your subject and edits the complete image but selectively edits the subject differently to make it pop.

Advanced Cropping:

Aftershoot Edits 2.0 interface demonstrating advanced cropping options with an image of a couple walking a horse.

With Edits 2.0 you can make your subjects the center of a photo’s focus in a thoroughly artistic way but without all the tedious work that cropping often involves. The software lets you customize images to any aspect ratio for any kind of final need and can then automatically apply cropping as directed. If you need to crop often for your print, digital, social media and artistic workloads, Advanced Cropping in Edits 2.0 makes it incredibly easy.

Improved Straightening:

A promotional graphic for Aftershoot Edits 2.0 featuring a feature titled "Improved Straightening" with a sample image of a bride and groom walking a horse outdoors.

One of the really annoying details about editing photos has always been adjusting their horizon. Edits 2.0 blows that away by auto-straightening photos quickly and accurately. It’s particularly effective for outdoor photography.

New Creator Styles:

Another useful feature of Edits 2.0 is a wealth of new Creator Styles. Have a favorite photographer whose composition technique you’d like to use? Creator Styles lets you apply that with a single click.

Aftershoot offers many of these AI editing presets through its Marketplace and has included a number of unique new profiles created in collaboration with renowned photographers like Esteban Gil, Joy Zamora, and Lilly Red. Within your Aftershoot subscription, any Creator Styles profile you get offers 500 free edits and all Creator Style fees go directly to their collaborating creators.

Extended Editing Platforms Support:

Aftershoot now also offers direct export of your work to a multitude of other platforms for any further final touches you want to add. It lets you quickly migrate your edited or raw work to Adobe Lightroom Cloud, Bridge, Camera RAW and Photoshop.

Straight Out of Aftershoot

Diagram showing steps in Aftershoot Edits 2.0: "Import" with a hand on a white dress, "Cull" with multiple photo thumbnails, and "Edit" with a woman in a white dress.

With the tools above and the general existing workflow tools within Aftershoot, you really should be able to edit and fully prepare at least hundreds of photos in a single day for submission to a client or project. If you’re a wedding photographer or an event shooter, or an artist working on a major photo essay, Edits 2.0 has a lot to offer.

The software has been powered up to a whole new level of advanced AI support that lets you get even major photo projects fully finished and looking professional at incredible speed.

Just to underscore how much confidence it has in this claim, the company has even opened up a collection of before and after images by real photographers to showcase just how well its software works.

An important part of what this collection demonstrates is just how precise the quality of Aftershoot editing is for images. Many of the photos being showcased needed little or no further manual editing after being put through Aftershoot. Edits 2.0 is that good at gauging the needs of its users.

This is called “Straight Out of Aftershoot”, and you can check it out right here.

There’s also no risk to trying Aftershoot with Culling, Edits 2.0 and the full package of the platform’s editing and AI tools. Aftershoot is offering a 30-day free trial offer if you try it out right now. They’re even offering a 20% discount if you decide to continue as a subscriber.

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