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Benro’s CyanBird Tripod Affordably Delivers One Robust Design

We’ve covered Benro’s camera tripods many times before on this site, and this latest addition to their product line is quite cool.

The new CyanBird Carbon Fiber Tripod by the company genuinely offers a serious package of useful and tough design in a compact tripod that stiffly competes with many alternatives. It’s also got a remarkably decent price range.

Right off the bat, the Benro CyanBird Tripod is aptly named for a reason that becomes obvious at a glance. Its grey, silver and ocean blue (not really cyan, despite the name) color combination is guaranteed to stand out almost anywhere you take this device.

As long as you’re not dead set on dark, somber-colored tripods for your work, the external look of the CyanBird is secondary to its genuinely functional, lightweight, sturdy and highly versatile design parameters.

For starters, the CyanBird comes in two variants, one made of aluminum, which is much cheaper to buy, and a second model that’s made of carbon fiber and is somewhat lighter, stronger, and pricier.

Both editions weigh very little, but the carbon fiber version manages to skim off several ounces compared to its aluminum cousin.

Starting with the carbon fiber CyanBird, it’s designed with carbon fiber legs and aluminum locking mechanisms in its head mechanism (we didn’t say it has no aluminum).

Overall, it weighs 2.25 lbs or 1.02 kg with its panning 2-in-1 tripod head attachment and packs down to a compact 17.1 inches or 43.5 cm when fully contracted.

The CyanBird can then be extended out to a height of 60 inches or 1.52 meters with its center column also slid out to maximum height.

Also worth noting are its aluminum leg locks, which make it more sturdy than certain alternatives that offer only plastic leg lock mechanisms.

For really ground-level photo and video work, the CyanBird’s legs can be extended far enough laterally to let the head of the tripod sit only 7.2 inches or 18.2 cm off the ground.

A tripod with two legs and a ball head.

As for payload capacity, this colorful tripod from Benro is slightly limited, capable of holding only 9.9 lbs or 4.5 kg. This isn’t bad but it compares unfavorably to certain more expensive competitors that can handle up to 20 lbs or 9+ kg.

Nonetheless, for the majority of field shooting with mirrorless and compact photo/video cameras, the Benro CyanBird should be more than adequate.

A camera with a tripod attached to it.

Benro has released the CyanBird Travel Tripod in two variants for those with both modest and larger tripod budgets. The carbon fiber version described above and an all-aluminum edition that extends to 61.6 inches while weighing slightly more at 2.7 lbs or 1.2 kg.

The major difference between these two editions is in their respactive prices: The Benro CyanBird Travel Tripod carbon fiber version costs $279 if bought with Benro’s FS20PRO 2-in-1 pan head. The all-aluminum version with the same head attachment costs $199.

There’s also a hybrid option that has partly aluminum and partly carbon fiber legs for $189, but it comes with a ball head instead of the 2-in-1 panning head.

All of these are very decent prices, and the cost of the carbon fiber model is particularly affordable considering the $600+ price tags of many similarly-sized carbon fiber alternatives.

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