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Best Camera Glasses for Discreet Filming & Photography

This guide will introduce you to the best camera glasses for discreet filming and photography currently on the market.

Camera glasses are a stealthy (and sometimes stylish) way to capture video and photos.

It’s a growing market and the technology is improving in leaps and bounds.

But, before you buy, you need to decide which ones are the best camera glasses for you. And this article will help you make that decision by answering some of the questions you might have, and introducing you to some of the best options.

What Are the Best Camera Glasses in 2024?

OhO 4K Ultra HD Camera Glasses (Best 4k Camera Glasses)


  • User-friendly
  • Mobile app
  • Good image and video quality
  • Good battery life
  • 4K video

  • Expensive
  • Need to manually update config.txt file for audio

These camera glasses are lightweight and ergonomic, with a 120-degree wide-angle lens.

They are made from durable materials and are weather-resistant, with a rating of IP66.

The built-in camera is their standout feature, delivering crisp, high-resolution 4K footage at 30 fps. Its premium-quality lens, with UV and anti-glare coating, ensures optical clarity.

Battery life is excellent, with up to 90 minutes of run-time possible on a single charge. And the glasses’ memory is ample, too, with 32 GB built-in, and the option to use an SD card of up to 128 GB.

They’re very easy to use, with user-friendly controls and intuitive operation. They have a one-touch recording button and also support voice commands for hands-free operation.

A vibration and light indicator system alerts you when you start or stop recording.

Users also get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, plus a dedicated mobile app that makes transferring and sharing footage a seamless experience.

The OhO 4K Ultra HD Camera Glasses are also compatible with prescription lenses.

iVue Denali 2K/1080P HD Camera Glasses (Best for Outdoor Sports)

Black smart glasses with integrated camera and touchpad on a beige background.


  • Robust design
  • Image stabilization
  • One-touch recording
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight

  • Expensive
  • Not the most stylish
  • Can experience some overheating

The iVue Denali 2K/1080P HD Camera Glasses are designed for you to wear for extended periods, making them among the best camera glasses for outdoor sports.

They’re lightweight and comfortable and come with interchangeable lenses that offer different levels of sun protection.

They have a 135-degree wide-angle lens, and it’s image stabilized, which is a great benefit, whatever sport you’re playing.

They provide users with 2K or Full-HD video that’s colourful, and nice and sharp thanks to the high-quality lens that minimizes glare and distortion.

The 64 GB of in-built memory should be more than enough for your sporty needs, but you can also add a microSD card and get an extra 124 GB.

Plus, that 90 minutes of battery life would take you through a whole football game (although you wouldn’t wear sunglasses when playing football). But, that’s a long time to record sport for.

You get one-touch recording for hassle-free use, and there’s a vibration and light indicator system that alerts you when you start or stop recording.

Like the OhO above, they also come with a mobile app for easy transfer and sharing of footage and photos.

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer (Best Camera Glasses for Meta Users)

Black wayfarer sunglasses on a beige background.


  • Good image and video quality
  • Stylish and durable
  • Good battery life
  • Carrying case is a charger
  • Super-connectable

  • Expensive
  • Can only be used with Facebook/Meta
  • 60-second recording limit

If you’re into the iconic look of Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer series, and you’re a Facebook and Meta user who likes all things social media, then these are the camera glasses for you.

They’re stylish, with high-quality lenses that can be had in a clear version, sunglasses, or transition lenses. And, out of all the glasses in this guide, they’re the most unobtrusive, as they just look like regular glasses.

They’re durable, too: water-resistant with an IPX4 rating.

You can connect them to your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts, then livestream and take and make phone calls and messages.

Those phone calls arrive by way of discreet open-ear earphones, which means you can listen to music too.

They have hands-free operation with AI Voice Control, so you can give commands or dictate messages and they will obey you.

There’s a 12MP camera for capturing photos and video, easily shareable via your socials or the glasses’ mobile app.

The batteries last for up to four hours and the chic carrying case they come with also doubles as a charger, so if that’s fully charged, you can charge your camera glasses on the go.

Hereta 4K Camera Sunglasses (Best Budget Camera Glasses)

Augmented reality smart glasses projecting a holographic interface.


  • Affordable
  • Large memory
  • WiFi and USB
  • Mobile app

  • Bulky
  • Limited functionality

These camera and video glasses are a bit cheaper than the rest in this guide, so, good for anyone on a tighter budget.

They have a camera that’s capable of taking 4K photos and Full-HD video at 30 fps. And those images are sharp and colourful, thanks to the high-quality, distortion- and glare-reducing lens.

They’re durable and comfortable to wear, weather-resistant, and come with polarized lenses that make them ideal for outdoor use.

You get 32 GB of storage as standard, but this can be expanded to a massive 256 GB, and their run-time is approximately 80 minutes.

They have WiFi connectivity (and the ability for USB file transfer), plus are bundled with a mobile app that can sync the glasses with different devices.

They are also extremely easy to use, and you can choose whether to operate them with one-touch handling directly on the glasses or from the app.

Sheawasy Camera Glasses (Best Hidden Camera Glasses)

Sports sunglasses equipped with an integrated camera.


  • Affordable
  • Durable materials
  • Expandable memory
  • Polarized lenses
  • Easy to use

  • Not super-stylish
  • Bulky
  • Maximum 6-minute video clips
  • Not the best image quality

These Sheawasy Camera Glasses are very similar in look, specs and feel to the Hereta glasses above.

Although, unlike the Heretas, they don’t take 4K photos – everything here, photos and videos, are HD resolution.

They have 32 GB of storage built in, and the option to increase that to 128 GB when using a microSD card.

The glasses are made of lightweight yet durable materials, and the lenses are polarized, so great in bright light.

These Sheawasys are extremely simple to use as spy glasses for personal security. Recording video takes just one press of a button to start and stop. To take a photo, it’s a double press.

Kamre Sunglasses (Best Budget Camera Sunglasses)

A pair of black wrap-around sunglasses against a beige background.


  • User-friendly
  • Good battery life
  • Expandable memory
  • Lightweight and durable

  • Need to manually change functions using a .txt file
  • Not a particularly wide perspective
  • No image stabilisation

Budget camera glasses with a 65-degree field of view and the ability to capture Full-HD video.

They have a good battery life of 1.5 hours on a single, full charge, and with support for up to 128 GB of microSD card memory, you’d be able to fit a lot of footage on there.

They are lightweight and durable and fitted with polarized lenses for outdoor use.

They are also exceptionally user-friendly. There’s just one control button, which you operate with a single touch, and there’s an indicator light that lets you know what’s going on at all times: it flashes when recording, and stays on when the camera is on standby.

How to Choose the Best Camera Glasses


Consider your budget, and consider the features that allows.

Budget-friendly options may be enough for casual use, but you might want to invest in higher-end glasses for superior performance and longevity.

Camera Quality

Look for glasses with a high-resolution camera capable of capturing clear images and videos in various lighting conditions.

Check for features like image stabilization to minimize shaky footage.

Lens Quality

Opt for glasses with high-quality optics to ensure sharp and distortion-free images.

Anti-glare and UV protection coatings are necessary to enhance image quality (when it comes to the camera lens) and to protect your eyes (when it comes to the lenses themselves).

Audio Quality

Good-quality, built-in microphones are essential to ensure your videos are accompanied by high-quality sound.

Look for features like noise cancellation.


Make sure the glasses have enough internal storage or support external memory cards to accommodate your recording needs.

Battery Life

Go for glasses with a long battery life so that you can record uninterrupted.

Also, think about how easy it is to recharge the glasses and whether they support fast charging, can be charged on the go, and if they can record while charging.


Do you want to be stylish? Then choose stylish.

Also, consider other factors like weight and fit. You want to be able to wear them comfortably for as long as you want.


Look for glasses that support wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to easily transfer files to your smartphone or computer.

Check if the glasses have a native app to make this process even easier; many of them do.


You want your camera glasses to be as easy to use as possible. One-touch recording and voice commands are the sorts of features to look for.


Look for glasses that are water-resistant or even waterproof. See if they are shock-resistant, too.

Prescription Compatibility

If you wear prescription glasses, check if the camera glasses you want are compatible with your existing eyewear. Or, you can opt for camera glasses that offer prescription lenses.

Additional Considerations

Consider any additional features or functions. Maybe you have specific needs that require specific features.

For example, do the glasses have built-in GPS for geotagging? Do they offer hands-free calling capabilities? Are they compatible with virtual reality (VR) platforms?

Are Camera Glasses Legal?

While camera glasses themselves are not illegal, their use may be subject to certain restrictions and considerations, depending on surveillance, privacy, and recording device laws in your region or country.

Many jurisdictions have laws regulating audio and video recording in public and private spaces.

Before using camera glasses, make sure you know the local privacy laws.

Generally speaking, though, in many places, taking video in public spaces is generally allowed as there is no expectation of privacy.

However, recording audio in public spaces is sometimes regulated differently, particularly when it comes to conversations, as with these there’s an expectation of privacy.

There’s also something called “two-party consent” or “all-party consent” laws in some areas.

Those require the consent of all parties involved in a conversation or interaction to record audio legally.

Certain places, such as government buildings, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and private properties, often have specific rules and regulations concerning the use of recording devices.

Not only this, photography is often restricted in these kinds of places, too.

Of course, if you intend to use your camera glasses for commercial purposes, such as recording events, interviews, or promotional content, there are specific rules that need to be followed.

You need to get permission (normally in the form of signed model releases) from anyone who appears in your recordings, especially if you plan to use the footage for commercial or promotional use.

So, yes they are legal, but knowing when and where you can use them can be a little tricky.

Just make sure you brush up on the local laws so you don’t get yourself into any sticky situations.

FAQs About Camera Glasses

Can you get prescription camera glasses?

Yes, you can.

Some come with prescription lenses, and others are compatible with your existing ones.

How long can camera glasses record?

That depends on the brand.

Some, like our top pick, the OhO 4K Ultra HD Camera Glasses, can record continuously for as long as you need them to, while others, like the Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer, only allow you to film 60-second clips.

Are smart glasses and camera glasses the same?

They share some of the same technology, but they are different.

Camera glasses’ focus is recording video and audio, and taking photos.

Smart glasses do this, too, but they have more functions tailored towards Augmented Reality. You can make calls and send messages with them, and they project information onto your field of view, such as the weather report.

What are hidden-camera glasses?

They are sometimes called spy glasses, and they have a camera lens discreetly incorporated into their frames.

Are camera glasses any good?

The best camera glasses are great for capturing outdoor sports and activities without any extra equipment other than the sunglasses you’d probably already want on your face anyway.

They don’t produce as high-quality footage as a full-on video rig or GoPro, but they’re perfect for those who want to travel ultra-light.

Which brand is best for lens glasses?

Out of the brands in this guide, it would have to be Ray-Ban, due to their long history in making top-quality ordinary glasses.

Which smart glasses can take photos?

Many of them can. The Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer in this guide is an example of some that do.

How long do camera glasses last?

As with anything, it depends on how well you treat and maintain them, and how durable the glasses are.

The better quality the glasses are, the longer they should last, theoretically.

They may become dated quite quickly, though, as the technology is rapidly improving.

How do spy camera glasses work?

In the same way that camera glasses work – they have a hidden lens in the frame that can record footage.

Do smart glasses have a camera?

Yes, they normally do.

Does Oakley make camera glasses?

No, at the time of writing, they don’t.

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