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DJI Reveals Video & Release Date for Upcoming Drone

The new teaser video from DJI about a new upcoming drone might be for the widely rumored Air 3, or it might not be.

The bottom line is that despite many rumors about this or a similar drone release coming soon, the latest publicity tweeted out by DJI hides much more than it reveals. And it certainly doesn’t clarify what kind of drone we can look forward to.

Specifically, DJI’s visually intriguing teaser trailer simply states that something (presumably a cool new drone release) will be announced on the 25th of July and that’s it.

This will however almost certainly be a new version of the DJI Air drone. The visuals of the video strongly hint at a drone with their movements, golden sky motif, and with the hint of a controller in the human figure’s hands.

The other reason for the drone being the most likely announcement is that the existing Air 2S hasn’t been updated in a long time while the brand’s other consumer drones have been.

The video also seems to show two large windows looking out toward the sky. What these mean is hard to say, but they could just be representative of camera containment windows.

With the powerhouse Mavic 3 Pro from DJI, there are three cameras, each in its own windowed case, so the upcoming drone likely will feature two.

DJI’s Air 2S drone isn’t exactly in urgent need of a replacement, but considering today’s market cycles for new products, it’s overdue for one based on DJI’s typical product release habits.

In any case, if you don’t want to wait around for news of what’s in store from DJI, the existing Air 2S is still a powerful low-cost option with powerful specs.

Its 1-inch sensor delivers crisp 5.4K video and 20MP still shots, while the drone handles itself superbly in the sky. Overall, the DJI Air 2S is amazingly affordable for all that it offers.

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