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Does Boosting Posts on Instagram Work?

If you’re a content creator on Instagram, you’ve probably wondered: Does boosting posts on Instagram work?

Instagram rose from the various social media platforms and applications as the primary platform for visual storytelling.

With its feed designed to show pictures and videos instead of posts and tweets, it offered something different and more engaging.

However, with the algorithm and the ever-changing trends, it’s getting hard to stay on top. This led many content creators to “boost” their organic posts.

Today, I’ll help you understand what boosting is and provide a list of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. Let’s start!

What Is Boosting Posts on Instagram?


Boosting an Instagram post refers to paying the platform to promote your content.

This feature can help you turn your regular posts into sponsored content, increasing their visibility beyond the immediate follower base.

However, Instagram will mark your content with a “Sponsored” tag right below the username.

The success of boosting your content on Instagram depends on the algorithm itself and how precise you are regarding the criteria.

For instance, when boosting a post, users can specify certain standards, such as their goal: more profile visits, website visits, or DMs.

Additionally, you can let Instagram automatically define who sees your post. Or, you can set the conditions yourself by defining your audience.

Once done, the algorithm works to optimize the reach of each post to help you achieve your main goal.

Does Boosting Posts on Instagram Work?


Now that I’ve explained boosting on Instagram, it’s time to look at the main questions: Does boosting work, and is it worth it?

The short answer here is: Yes, Instagram boosting does work effectively and helps you achieve your marketing goals when done thoughtfully and strategically.

The long answer, though, involves a deeper look into the conditions that make Instagram post boosting truly work.

For starters, the boost post feature works significantly better when you know your target audience.

You see, the idea here isn’t reaching a wider audience but hitting the ideal audience – those who are genuinely interested in your content.

This can increase the likelihood of engagement and help with your conversion rates.

Moreover, you can’t just boost any post because it’ll automatically fall flat if it’s not compelling or relevant to the larger audience.

It should be one that’s high-quality, engaging, and resonates with your targets.

Another aspect of this long answer revolves around evaluating the return on investment (ROI).

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While the boost post feature can lead to tangible results, it’s vital to analyze what you’re getting versus how much you pay to ensure your boosting strategy is cost-effective.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Boosting Your Posts?

To make your final decision regarding using the boost post feature and reaching a larger audience, you must learn its pros and cons.


Let’s start with the positive aspects first:

1. Increased Visibility and Reach

The main feature of the boost post option is that it allows your original post to push beyond your existing follower count or base.

By boosting the post, you ensure that your content, whether an Instagram reel, picture, or otherwise, gets seen by a much broader audience.

This is especially useful for new or small businesses trying to get more brand exposure and awareness.

It creates an opportunity for these businesses to establish or expand their presence in a highly competitive marketplace.

2. Target Audience Engagement

Another option the boost feature offers is choosing who sees your posts. While some creators let Instagram do this for them, they’re not really taking advantage of this option.

You can be specific about exactly what you want and who you want to see your posts so they don’t go to the wrong audience.

Pro tip: take a look at your current followers, then build a targeting strategy that aims for customers with similar demographics, interests, and more.

You can take advantage of Instagram insights to gain a better understanding of your current audience preference.

3. Measurable Results

Finally, you can take advantage of the boost post feature to learn more about your ideal customer.

Because each post comes with its own engagement levels and interactions, you can understand what types of content intrigue your target market and cater to it.

This way, you can effectively measure your social media campaign and fine-tune your approach over time.


As for the disadvantages of using this feature, we have the following:

1. Financial Cost

One of the first problems you must consider when boosting a post is the financial costs involved.

This is particularly true for small businesses or individual creators who are just starting and may have a limited budget.

Plus, without proper analysis, you might find yourself at risk of not getting sufficient return on investment, which can be a significant concern.

2. Reaching the Wrong Audience

There’s always a chance that your marketing campaign can go wrong because you’re addressing more than just your main user base.

While this might not sound so bad, it’s a complete waste of the allocated budget.

That’s why it’s vital to study your audience thoroughly to understand them before setting the target parameters.

3. Potential For Reduced Organic Growth

Depending too much on sponsored content might lead to a decrease in your organic audience or reach over time.

Through the experience of some users, there’s the chance the algorithm can mess with your future posts, diminishing the reach of any non-boosted posts.

This can create a cycle where you have to boost almost all your content just to achieve any significant visibility, impacting your natural growth.

Final Words

So, should you do it? Is boosting posts on Instagram a good idea or not?

As we’ve seen above, boosting posts on Instagram can be an effective strategy for increasing visibility and engagement.

However, it’s essential to weigh these benefits against the costs and the potential for not reaching the intended target market effectively.

Ultimately, the success of boosting posts on Instagram depends on strategic planning, understanding your audience, and aligning your goals with the platform’s capabilities.

By carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages, you can make informed decisions to maximize your social media impact.

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