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Fujifilm’s Limited Edition X100VI Cameras Disappear In Minutes

Fujifilm built an enormous amount of hype around the release of its X100VI mirrorless camera, and this applied particularly to the 1,934 Limited Edition models.

As a result, as soon as Fujifilm USA opened sales for today’s extremely limited run of 100 of these specially built editions of the X100VI to the public, they sold out in minutes.

Then within hours, several appeared on eBay as resale items for prices much higher than the $1,999 retail price at which the camera was sold by Fuji.

Obviously, a number of the people who bought these cameras did so purely for the sake of their expected resale value amid huge product hype for the camera.

Right now on eBay, you can still find several of these Limited Edition cameras selling for prices ranging from $3,500 to over $6,000 and it’s looking likely that people will buy them.

A previous, possibly fraudulent, eBay listing just a week ago had even posted one Limited Edition X100VI for sale at $18,000.

Fortunately, that listing was closed by the seller because “the item is no longer available”. Hopefully, nobody actually bought it at such a ridiculous price.

The current Limited Edition listings on eBay are likely perfectly real, now that the camera has shipped to its buyers, but even with that said, I’d argue that it’s a bit absurd to buy one of these cameras at such bloated prices.

The Limited Edition is a unique-run camera that will doubtlessly become a collector’s item, but whether it continues to accumulate value is hard to say.

It’s also worth noting that the X100VI Limited Edition model is identical to the much more affordable, regular X100VI in all of its specs and functionality. Its only differences are cosmetic as part of its commemorative nature.

Fujifilm USA will release 100 more units of the Limited Edition X100VI for sale tomorrow, on March 22, and then 100 more on March 23 too.

These 300 (including the 100 sold today) are the company’s total allotment for the USA market. In total, only 1,934 of the cameras will be sold worldwide. The number celebrates the 90th anniversary of the company since its founding in 1934.

Silver vintage-style camera with a black woven strap on a dark background.

Fujifilm has stated that orders of these special edition cameras will be processed within two weeks of whenever a buyer places them.

The company also claims that it has implemented measures to ensure that only one camera is bought per order,

However, it wouldn’t be hard for someone to create multiple orders via roundabout means involving friends or family members.

Unless you’re dead set on getting your hands on a Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition model, I’d recommend just ordering the regular X100VI, for a much more reasonable price of $1,599 and waiting until it ships later in the year. Its specs are identical if practical use is what you’re looking for.

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