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Sony to Ship its New a6700 Without Charging Equipment

Sony’s highly anticipated and robust a6700 is a welcome addition to the already superb a6000 line, but it’s also going to be missing a charger.

Oddly, as originally checked by the website Sony Alpha Rumors, and confirmed by Sony itself, the a6700 doesn’t include a wall charger or SUB-C cable when you order it.

While this isn’t a huge problem for new owners of the camera, it is weird considering its price and status. It also obviously means that you’ll need to buy your own new charging hardware or use your existing cables once you order one of these compact shooters.

We reached out to Sony to ask why they’d sell their brand new $1,400 a6000-line flagship camera without something so fundamental as a charger to loyal customers, but they haven’t deigned to respond yet.

The website PetaPixel also asked them the same question but they too failed to get a response.

It’s possible that this was just a broad factory-level mistake by Sony’s product packing area, but who knows?

Another possibility is that this is somehow part of Sony’s “Road to Zero” policy that the company has been applying since over a year ago. The idea behind this is to have zero environmental footprint within this decade.

Sony itself described this policy in the following way,

“As climate change risks become more apparent and serious worldwide, and the transition to a decarbonized society has become an urgent issue, Sony made the decision to accelerate its environmental impact reduction activities in the climate change area and to bring forward the target year of achieving a zero environmental footprint in this area by ten years,”

One part of the above goals is to reduce emissions within its supply chain via weight removal and promotion of energy-efficient products.

That sounds laudable, but while a digital camera that doesn’t even run is definitely more energy efficient, it’s also laughably self-defeating.

You’d think that if Sony is already pouring resources (and by definition emissions) into making and shipping millions of new cameras for consumers, an included charger for needed electricity would hardly be a wholly new compromise on green principles.

Charging units don’t weigh much, and certainly not compared to a fully packaged mirrorless camera, so if it’s also a shipping weight reduction issue, the lack of a charger remains absurd.

Whatever the case may be, it is definitely an odd omission from such a major brand on one of its newest, well-publicized products.

Aside from not answering any inquiries about why the company has foregone a charger and cable for its a6700 units, Sony also hasn’t mentioned anything about this in its promotional or PR materials for the camera’s launch.

A woman holding a smartphone with a camera on it.

That last detail more than anything makes me suspect that this was simply a product packaging mix-up, and they’re now letting people speculate on environmental motives while they scramble to fix it.

All of the above aside, the Sony a6700 is one hell of a new addition to the a6000 lineup of already-superb compact mirrorless cameras, and it starts shipping as of August 3.

You can preorder your own for a very reasonable $1398 that’s definitively justified by the performance quality of this little beast. Just remember to buy a charger too.

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