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The Canon EOS R5 Mark II Is Apparently On The Way

Canon’s EOS R5 is now already more than three years old and it’s pretty much due for an upgrade in the form of a Mark II edition. Is it on the way?

Interestingly, it would seem that it might just be finally coming. This is still just a rumor, but it’s a fairly grounded one. The website Digicame is reporting that the Can on EOS R5 Mark II is on the way for February 2024.

According to the Japanese tech site, the successor to the original R5 will be announced as of the second month of next year and preparations for its first production run are already underway.

The considerable success of the original EOS R5 made it continue to be extremely popular among photographers as one of Canon’s robust pilot cameras. It’s also the camera with which the brand seriously entered into the world of mirrorless devices.

In fact, the R5 is still extremely popular among both consumer and pro users and includes especially powerful video production features along with its superb photographic specs.

Nonetheless, at this point a Mark II version makes sense with some decent upgrades as part of the package.

It’s worth noting that Canon’s traditional lapses between new DSLR 5D cameras averaged out to about 3.5 years. Now that the R5 has hit almost exactly that age, Digicame’s rumors about a February announcement seem very grounded.

Furthermore, rivals like Nikon and Sony have more recently released enough powerful new mirrorless cameras that Canon has plenty to worry about in this particular niche.

Sony’s powerful A9 III mirrorless is a recent release from this rival brand.


Sony’s notable releases in 2023 alone include the $2,199.99 Sony A7C II and the $2,999.99 Sony A7C R, and a new Mark III edition of its A9 camera.

As for Nikon, it has released interesting new devices such as the deeply retro-looking Zf mirrorless with 24.5MP sensor and is rumored to be soon releasing a Z6 Mark II edition.

Canon definitely has good reason to unleash a new R5 version on the market.

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