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Ulanzi’s New Heavy Duty Video Tripod Is Sturdy and Silky Smooth

One of Camera accessory-maker Ulanzi’s newest offerings is a reasonably priced, ultra sturdy and smooth-moving heavy-duty video tripod.

The aptly named Ulanzi Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod is one of the brand’s newest robustly-made camera accessories and this particular model is aimed squarely at videographers.

Crucially, Ulanzi has built the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod to be extremely sturdy for heavy camera equipment while also being extremely easy to set up.

With these ends in mind, the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod comes with a handy one-click lift feature that lets you set it up literally in seconds. Despite this rapid setup, the base of the tripod is designed to offer maximal stability and very flexible adjustability.


The twin-spiked rubber feet of the base are built to stay steady on nearly any surface and a mid-level spreader between the tripod’s legs delivers additional sturdiness.

Other adjustments that Ulanzi has added to the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod include a dynamic rebound function for a quick return to horizontal level and six stops of incremental pan and tilt adjustment.

The tripod also features 10 stops of counter balancing adjustment and constant tilt action.

These features let a working videographer adjust the tripod for shooting at nearly any angle. Ulanzi has also given the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod several Arri location holes and several other ports for easily and quickly attaching camera accessories or other devices.

Professional tripod with panoramic head on white background.

The Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod also includes a detachable handle that makes it a cinch to carry and store during travel or field work. This handle is built to be equally usable for both right and left-handed users.

The video head of the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod is also remarkably robust, with a hydraulic build and a 75mm bowl mount for high precision.

Moreover it includes a Manfrotto plate with quick-release design. This lets you shift from tripod shooting to hand-held camera work on the fly.

The Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod’s legs and head are designed to handle up to a whopping 25kg or 55bs of load while the ball head itself has a load capacity of 10 kilograms, or 22 lbs.

Man operating a camera mounted on a tripod with a load capacity of 25 kg in a wooded area.

The overall body of the tripod is very light despite its enormous strength and load-bearing capacity.

Ulanzi has managed to make this sturdily-built, hefty device weigh just 2.7kg or 6 lbs by itself and only 4.9kg or 10.8 lbs with its head attachment included. This weight applies if you buy the carbon fiber edition.

For the moderately cheaper aluminum version of the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod, the tripod body weighs just 3.1kg or 6.9 lbs and 5.3kg or 11.70 bls with the head attached.

At its maximum extension, the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod can take on a height of 1.6 meters or 5.2 feet with its head attached, and if the head is removed for the sake of attaching some other accessory, the tripod is 1.5 meters or 4.9 feet tall.

Professional camera tripod with labeled features such as quick-release plate handle lock, pan and tilt adjustments, and extendable legs with stabilizing spreader.

At its minimum size, while fully lowered during use, the tripod is 0.78 meters or 2.6 feet long with its head attachment and 0.64 meters or 2.1 feet without its head. When packed up for storage, the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod tops out at 0.84 meters or 2.7 feet long.

Ulanzi is offering the Video Fast Heavy-Duty Tripod in two editions, as mentioned above. The lighter, stronger carbon fiber edition is available at a special early bird price of $499 while the aluminum model is going for just $399.

These prices are valid from March 25th to April 8th. After that, they’ll go up by $100 for both editions.

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