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VEED Offers A New Generative Video Service Through ChatGPT

For creators with video ideas they want to bring to life but don’t know the intricacies of making productions from scratch, Veed may have just the thing.

The company has introduced a new video-creating personal assistant that’s available “round-the-clock” to help creators bring their video ideas to life.

It’s called Video GPT by VEED and is essentially a chatGPT-powered AI tool that promises to create high-quality videos through text prompts.

With Video GPT by VEED, users can access an AI-powered video generator that lets them use text prompts to generate short-form videos right within ChatGPT.

As the company explains in a blog post on the service,

“All you need to do is describe what video you want to make, answer a few questions, and sit back while our Video GPT creates a fully edited video, including stock footage, music, text-to-voice, and more.”

Video GPT also lets users further tweak and edit their generated videos through the same platform.

One of the requirements of using Video GPT is that users who sign up for the service also have a GPT Plus account through OpenAI.

Once a user has separately signed up for this, they can then visit the GPT Store, which is also a part of the OpenAI website, and locate the Video GPT by VEED app in the GPT Store’s search field.

VEED also recommends, “click on where it says “Video GPT by VEED” in the top-left corner and select Keep in sidebar. This way you won’t have to manually search for Video GPT in the GPT Store every time you have to use it.”

Once you open Video GPT through the Open AI website, you’ll be offered the options of creating a video, creating a video with AI avatars, AI text-to-speech and writing a video script. All of these are AI-powered options within Video GPT by VEED.

VEED has posted a detailed tutorial right on its blog for getting started with the entire process of creating your first AI-rendered video through Video GPT. Quite honestly, it’s pretty straightforward and simple.

If anything, it’s hard to think of an easier way to flesh out a live-action short video clip on the fly without having any video production, editing, or recording skills and equipment of your own.

Video GPT by VEED works right within OpenAI’s chatGPT ecosystem. So, it’s simple, safe and streamlined for users. The service doesn’t require you to download any complex software or applications to your laptop or phone.

Screenshot of veeds's user interface, showing the homepage with options for video generation, text-to-speech, and creating a video clip.

It’s definitely worth a look if you want to experiment with AI-rendered video creation or if you need a quick clip without a major investment of time and effort.

According to VEED’s website, their service has been used by many major organizations and companies. These include the BBC, Netflix, Meta, Google and Amazon.

VEED offers a free basic tier for its service, so you can get started at no cost and see if you like what it offers.

For users with more robust needs, there’s a very affordable basic plan and then business-oriented “Pro” and “Business” plans that are still quite affordable on a monthly or annual billing basis.

VEED also offers an “Enterprise” plan with custom pricing based on specific needs.

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